The Yard

Client | Confidential
Location | Tower Hill, London
Size | 245,000 sqft
Sector | Commercial Office
Status | Enhanced Feasibility Study

Our proposal for ‘The Yard’ was to take a tired and dated 20th century office building and transform it into a contemporary and attractive modern campus building.

Utilising and optimising existing features of the building formed a central tenet of the proposal, including the conversion of a complete plant room floor to the roof to provide high value office space, dramatic infill of the existing atrium and enhancement of the generous floor to ceiling height throughout the office accommodation.

The under utilised loading bay is converted into a mixed-use standalone unit, providing flexibility of use and an active frontage to the street approach. The journey through the building is further improved with a social and active co-working hub around reception, bringing life to the existing large but vacuous space. The dominating profile of the roofline is both enhanced by the conversion to an occupied floor and by the creation of a roof garden, benefiting from unrivalled views towards the City and the River Thames beyond.

The enhanced feasibility study tested the complete refurbishment with the City of London alongside an aligned build programme and cost plan so the client could strategically assess the next steps of the development.