Power of Ten Chair

Year | 2019
Client | Mark Product

To celebrate their tenth birthday, MARK Product invited 10 designers to make their MARK on 10 of their Loops chairs, that were displayed as part of an interactive exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Entitled ‘Power of Ten’, the exhibition aims to highlight the collaboration at the heart of the design and manufacturing process.
ThirdWay Architecture is a progressive studio of architects and designers embedded within The ThirdWay Group and it is this belief in embedding alongside our brand values, design ethos and project approach that has inspired our design for the Loop Chair.

Our approach to the chair design was inspired by our belief in our embedded position within The ThirdWay Group, our brand values and project approach. The concept was to project our abstracted logo from a single view-point onto the pure white and iconic chair form to create a materially rich and contrasting feature within.

The heavily textured materials have been deliberately chosen to contrast, both highlighting the ‘insertion’ and the strength of the loop chair silhouette. The exaggerated stitch line further enhances the junction between the ‘new’ and ‘old.’

As you move around the chair, the angles and forms of the contrasting element change and offer new perspectives, alluding to our core design principle of creating intrigue by thinking differently within the perceived limits of a project or task.