ThirdWay Architecture


ThirdWay Architecture is a progressive architectural practice based in Old Street, London.

We approach each project with an open mind throughout all stages of development, design and delivery; calling upon the best of our collective abilities to deliver great architecture, while having a great time doing it.

We actively work across all sectors with a key focus on creative office spaces, reworking existing buildings and complex mixed-use developments.

Our rich and varied portfolio, team and client base demonstrate the lack of a manifesto based on set rules or styles. Instead, we are focused on creating an exciting, commercially viable and valuable product through a clear and engaging process.

We also think the industry can work harder and smarter.

Aspects of the traditional architectural model are archaic, inefficient and slow; and they don’t need to be.

Our embedded position within The ThirdWay Group allows us to quickly engage with the depth of cross-industry knowledge, project experience and a dynamic cross section of creators and innovators. Across the group we are continually challenging and improving the way buildings are designed and procured.

No project, site, brief, budget, timescale is the same.

Neither are we.


From retrofitting and extending existing buildings to delivering compelling, new spaces; we unlock potential by balancing a dynamic and disruptive approach to conventional norms with a careful consideration of rich materials and details.

Reflexive design + delivery

We feel the industry can do better. Improving efficiency while protecting architectural quality and commercial value.


We interrogate and analyse the unique conditions and character of every single project to develop informed, responsive and engaging spaces.

Contemporary ways of living + working

We draw on the ethos, experience and success of the entire ThirdWay Group to develop and build ideas that reflect contemporary thinking, working and living in our fast paced and collaborative society.


We enjoy challenging and questioning the way things work. By engaging in dialogue and collaboration we find new perspectives that reframe, excite and surprise.